As technology advances, so does the potential for creative expression. The synergy between HP Latex Inks and Printable Magnetic Media exemplifies this, providing a platform for businesses and individuals to explore new dimensions of printing. Whether you're a marketing professional looking to create eye-catching promotional materials or a creative soul seeking to adorn refrigerators with magnetic masterpieces, the magic of HP Latex Inks on Printable Magnetic Media invites you to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of print.

3 products trouvé dans Médias Imprimables avec Encres HP Latex

EM012WM/54_1, EM012WM/60_1, EM015WM/54_1, EM015WM/60_1, EM020WM/54_1, EM020WM/60_1, FF007M/50_1, FF007M/54_1, FF007M/60_1, FF012G/50_1, FF012G/54_1, FF012G/60_1, FF012M/50_1, FF012M/54_1, FF012M/60_1
Feuille magnétique imprimable grand format PET
  • À partir de $330.00
Média grand format imprimable réceptif magnétique PET
  • À partir de $240.00
HE008WM/54_1, HE008WM/60_1
Feuille magnétique haute énergie PET
  • À partir de $395.00