In partnership with Canada Canada, Simple Signman proudly introduces a powerful collaboration featuring the state-of-the-art Colorado M-Series with our Magnet Pack.  Elevate your printing possibilities with the synergy of Canon's UVgel Ink Technology and our flexible magnetic solutions.

Key Features :

Tested and Approved Materials

  • PVC-Free Wide Format Magnetic Sheeting
  • PVC-Free Magnetic Receptive
  • Anisotropic PVC White Matte Magnetic Sheeting
  • Isotropic PVC White Matte Magnetic Sheeting

UVgel Ink Technology

Our collaboration showcases the strength of Canon's UVgel Ink Technology, ensuring vibrant and durable prints on our magnetic materials.

Visual Appeal

Eye-catching visuals of the Colorado M-Series in action, demonstrating the precision and quality it brings to every print.

Why Choose Simple Signman in Collaboration with Canon?

Benefits :

Tested and Approved Compatibility

Our magnetic solutions have undergone rigorous testing, ensuring seamless compatibility with Canon's Colorado M-Series


Choose from a range of flexible magnetic options to meet diverse printing needs, offering a versatile canvas for creativity.

Enhanced Printing Quality

Benefit from superior print quality with Canon's UVgel Ink Technology combined with our approved magnetic materials.

Expert Guidance

Simple Signman, in collobaration with Canon and their distributors, offers expert guidance and support to optimize your printing experience.

Efficiency and Reliability

The Colorado M-Series, paired with our magnetic solutions, guarantees efficiency and reliability, streamlining your printing process.

For inquiries and orders, reach out to Simple Signman and Canon's authorized distributors.

Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in Canada.  Colorado, and UVgel are registered trademarks of Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V.  All other referenced product names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged.

8 products trouvé dans Solutions pour Presses Canon Colorado

015WM/12X18_1, 015WM/24-V_1, 015WM/24X18_1, 015WM/24X36_1, 015WM/40_1, 015WM/48_1, 020WM/24-V_1, 020WM/40_1, 020WM/48_1, 030WM/12X18_1, 030WM/24-V_1, 030WM/24X18_1, 030WM/24X36_1, 030WM/40_1, 030WM/48_1
Feuille magnétique imprimable PVC - Rouleau
  • À partir de $135.00
HE020WM/24_1, HE020WM/48_1, HE030WM/24_1
Feuille magnétique haute énergie PVC
  • À partir de $195.00
Média grand format imprimable réceptif magnétique PET
  • À partir de $240.00
Média imprimable réceptif magnétique Spidermat
  • À partir de $480.00
EM012WM/54_1, EM012WM/60_1, EM015WM/54_1, EM015WM/60_1, EM020WM/54_1, EM020WM/60_1, FF007M/50_1, FF007M/54_1, FF007M/60_1, FF012G/50_1, FF012G/54_1, FF012G/60_1, FF012M/50_1, FF012M/54_1, FF012M/60_1
Feuille magnétique imprimable grand format PET
  • À partir de $330.00
Média imprimable réceptif magnétique
  • À partir de $255.00
Médias Dot Cling King
  • $825.00
Médias Cling King PET
  • $655.00