Top 10 new features of our website

Top 10 new features of our website

With the pandemic we decided to improve our digital marketing strategy.   We wanted a transactional platform optimized for smartphones and allowing us to increase our visibility through social networks.


Here are the Top 10 new features of our website :


1) Buy online

One of the main requests from our customers was the ability to buy online directly from our website.

Not only that this is now possible, but you can also choose shipping options as well as new payment options that were not available before.

 You can now make your purchase directly on our website at any time of the day!


2) Optimized for search

We have many magnetic solutions and it was not easy to research a product on our previous website.

You can now do a search on the home page by searching by keyword or by product code.

It is also possible to sort among the collections by selecting items in alphabetical order, by best seller, featured items, by price (low to high or vice versa) and even by date (newest to oldest).


3) Related articles to guide you in your decision

Choosing the right magnetic item is not always easy.  To demonstrate our expertise in the magnetic market, we make a point of publishing articles that will guide you in your decision-making.

These articles can be shared on social networks or with members of your team so that they can learn more about our magnetic solutions.


4) Dedicated section for comments

We value the opinions of our customers.  Did you like an advice you read on one of our blogs?  Do you find one of our products to work wonderfully for your application?  Would you like to share with others what you value most about our company?

You now have the possibility to leave a comment on the product page and in all of our blog articles.

Do not hesitate to leave your comments.  Your contribution will help others to know practical solutions to the problems they were facing.


5) Section for new products

We have new products on a regular basis.  To better highlight them we have a section available from the collection table entitled : New products.

Keep a close eye on this section when you visit us.  We are working to add more permanent magnets by the end of the year as well as other items that are found in retail stores.

If you do not find the item you are looking for, contact us and we will be happy to guide you in your selection.


6) New enlarged illustrations

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Several quality images are worth their weight in gold. 

We aim to update all of our images so that you can see the item as if you had it in your hands.

Soon we will be adding videos illustrating our products and some applications.  Technical drawings and product data sheets will also be available.


7) Related products highlighted

In each product sheet you can find a related products section at the bottom of the page.

This will allow you to shop for a product of a different width or size and/or a product that is often considered along with this item.


8) Availability

When you shop online it's important to get the right information about a product.  But when your decision has been made, it is even more important that the item is available for you to proceed with your purchase.

You can now know if the item you are considering is in stock or not because each product page shows the availability of the item.

You can now order with peace of mind knowing that it is available.


9) Get to know who we are

The main page of our website shows 4 panels that demonstrate who we are and what we have been offering to our customers since 1969.

We offer a wide range of permanent magnets as well as the largest selection of flexible magnetic materials in Canada.

We can also craft unique solutions adapted to your needs.  Plus we are dealing with several magnetic distributors across the country.  If you would like to become a distributor please contact us and we will discuss about the possibility.

Do not hesitate to follow us on the various social networks.


10) Sign up for our newsletter

In order to remain connected to our company, sign up for our newsletter.  We will occasionally share news and articles relevant to our industry.

As you can see we have used the pandemic to our advantage in order to come back even stronger with a new platform that meets the current needs of our customers.

It will definitely be to your advantage to stay connected with our company.


In conclusion

So, what makes a great website?  A well designed and functional platform that is easy to use on a desktop and on a mobile version that offers fresh and quality content.

We believe that we are hitting all the cases with this platform and we will keep working to add clear calls to action as well to optimized our presence on the web and social networks.


To understand why the need of a new platform, click here


Please take time to tell us in the comment section below which feature you appreciate the most.