As consumers become more aware of the impact that their purchases have on the environment, the demande for eco-friendly products has increased.  The printing industry is no exception and many printers are now exploring alternative materials that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One such magnetic material is PVC free wide format magnetic sheeting. 

Ultra Wide is 54'' and 60'' wide.

Please contact us for samples of more information about this wide format printable solution.

3 products found in PVC Free Vinyl Ultra Wide Magnetic Sheeting

EM012WM/54_1, EM012WM/60_1, EM015WM/54_1, EM015WM/60_1, EM020WM/54_1, EM020WM/60_1, FF007M/50_1, FF007M/54_1, FF007M/60_1, FF012G/50_1, FF012G/54_1, FF012G/60_1, FF012M/50_1, FF012M/54_1, FF012M/60_1
Printable Wide-Format Magnetic Sheet PET
  • From $330.00
HE008WM/54_1, HE008WM/60_1
Printable High Energy Magnetic Sheet PET
  • From $395.00
Wide Format Magnetic Receptive Media PET
  • From $240.00