Cling King Film is a micro-suction technology made of tiny suction cups formed on one side of the media.

This media will grip to any flat, smooth surface.  It is not magnetic nor static, so it's safe to use on electrical surfaces.

It is very similar to static cling but there is no static.  Great for windows.

Available in White Matte and Clear Glossy PET surface.

PET Polyester products are heat resistant and will not be affected as much by heat as static media are.

This media can be applied, removed, re-applied multiple times, all free of residue.

It has no adhesive and it is washable and PVC Free.

Suitable for application in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, perfect solution for window signs, glass walls and car signs.

This media is available in white, transpartent and frosted (on demand).  We offer at the moment the Solvent solution.  PET and Screen printing solution is available on special request.

Can be printed with Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex Printers.

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Cling King Silicone Film Print Media
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Dot Cling King Silicone Film
  • $825.00
Spidermat Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $480.00