Magnetically receptive materials themselves hold NO MAGNETIC charge but are attracted to materials that do.

Our magnetic receptive materials are non-magnetic, meaning they can hold magnets but are not attracted to ferrous metals.

Many materials are magnetically receptive, for example : Steel.

A steel warehouse racking is receptive, but not magnetic.  A magnet is BOTH magnetic and receptive.

In this collection you will find our Magnetic Receptive Materials, as the name suggests, is the rubber containing iron powder, also come call it a flexible iron sheet.

And we added other ferrous materials such as Multishield Steel Surface that is magnetically receptive and can be printed digitally and has also on the other side a whiteboard surface property.

If you still have questions please feel free to contact us and it will be a pleasure to help!


9 products found in Magnetically Receptive Materials

Multishield Galvanized Steel Sheets Digital/Whiteboard
  • $170.00
Magnetic Receptive Media PET
  • From $255.00
Chalkboard Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $295.00
Wide Format Magnetic Receptive Media PET
  • From $240.00
Spidermat Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $480.00
Magnetic Receptive Primer
  • From $125.00
Dry Erase Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $295.00
Canvas Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $750.00
PET012/54_1, RS010PSA/50_1, RS015PSA/200_1
Adhesive Back Magnetic Receptive Media
  • From $280.00