Whiteboards Push Pins vs Glassboards Push Pins

Magnetic push pins for Whiteboards vs Magnetic push pins for Glassboards

On our website you may find both options that looks pretty similar, which one to choose from?


Magnetic push pins for Glassboards

We discussed the difference between a whiteboard and a glassboard in one of our previous blog : Glassboards vs Whiteboards : What is the difference?

Since a Glassboard is a 6mm diamond glass on top of a painted 0.7mm thick steel sheet whiteboard you will need a much stronger magnet to go thru the glass.

In order for you to select the right Magnetic Push Pins we created a different category of product to help you with your choice.

You will also find several new products for Glassboards such as Magnetic Buttons, Magnetic Squares, Magnetic Triangle, Magnetic Tray, Magnetic Marker Holder, Magnetic Paper Clip, etc.

If you own a Glassboard and would like to add key accessories you want to select on of the following that includes most of the above items for your glassboard : Mega Kit for Glassboards and Mini Kit for Glassboards.


Magnetic push pins for Whiteboards

Since most whiteboards are made with a steel surface you will be able to use all products shown above onto your whiteboards, even if they have been conceived for Glassboards.

However, a cheaper version of our push pins is available for whiteboards here.  You'll notice that the colors are not the same and the size is a bit smaller.  But it will work well on your whiteboard.

Please note that these magnetic items made of strong rare-earth magnets are made to be applied to a steel surface.  If you are planning to use it on a magnetic sheeting you will be disapointed.

If you are still unsure about the items you should be using please contact one of our customer service representatives and it will be a pleasure to help you select the right magnet.