Whiteboards : How to make a dry erase board?

There are several ways to build a whiteboard / dry erase board.  We will develop 4 different options that are available on our website.


Option #1 - Multishield Galvanized Steel Whiteboards

These whiteboards are made of galvanized steel composite sheets.  One side of the sheet is coated for dry erase application.

Both sides are magnetic receptive to magnets and have a flat, smooth, uniform surface.  The total thickness of this composite is 3mm thick.

You may purchase this option as a 4' x 8' sheet or cut to size as shown here.

Our Mega Kit and Mini Kit offers the cut to size Multishield with a selection of magnetic push pins, buttons, tray, holder, erase and paper clip.

Since this option is a steel sheet, this is the only option where you will be able to use our strong rare-earth magnets to hold item onto it.  Flexible magnets applied directly to the steel sheet will be a plus to create nice graphics.

This material also have one side that can be printed and then laminated with a dry erase lamination to create a printed board. 

It is fairly easy to install this whiteboard with screws, permanent magnets, double-sided adhesive, adhesive face magnetic sheeting, metal extrusion or EdgeGrip products.

Applications : Hoardings, whiteboard, in-store visual display, games, backsplash, kids room, outdoor signs, etc.


Option #2 - White Gloss PVC Vinyl Magnetic Sheeting

If you need to use a metal surface (filing cabinet, refrigerator) as a dry erase surface you may use our White Gloss PVC Vinyl Magnetic Sheeting to do so.

This magnetic sheet will hold onto a metal surface but will not be magnetically receptive since it is magnetized only on one side.

However, you will be able to use it as a dry erase board but won't be able to add strong rare earth magnets (nor flexible magnets) like pins, buttons, trays, etc.

This option can be cut, punch, drilled, die-cut easily to make special shapes.


Option #3 - Real magnetic whiteboard / dry erase board

Rare are the dry erase board where you can have a real magnetic face.  Here are a few options that you can add a dry erase lamination and create a dry erase board that will be holding metallic items.  Please note that the stength will be limited to the thickness of the material used and will be holding metallic items up to 1/32'' thick only.

If you do an application on a ferrous surface (filing cabinet, refrigerator, etc.) and you want to apply your dry erase board onto it, you may use our Double-Sided Magnetic Sheeting that one side will hold onto the metal surface and then you'll need to laminate a dry erase lamination on the other side.

This solution is flexible and can be rolled after usage.  It comes plain brown on both sides so you will need to apply a vinyl or other laminate on the surface to print on it or to make it a dry erase surface.

Another option if you need a more permanent option is to use our Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive face and to mount your dry erase lamination on the opposite side.  The adhesive is permanent and will cure within 48-72 hours. 

While this option will enable you to add metallic object on the face of the magnetic sheet, please note that you will not be able to use strong rare-earth magnets elements such as pins, buttons, paper clips, etc.


Option #4 - Dry Erase Magnetic Receptive Media

This is also a flexible solution.  It can be rolled in a tube after usage.  It looks like a magnet but it is not.

Our Dry Erase Magnetic Receptive Media comes with a high quality dry erase surface that is rated for 20,000 write on wipe off without ghosting.

While the magnetic receptive backing option needs to be paired with our magnetic sheeting, we have the adhesive back option that can be mounted to a rigid surface to create a traditional 'magnetically receptive' whiteboard.

Please note that strong rare-earth magnets such as pins, buttons, trays, etc. will not be holding onto that surface.

It will accomodate smaller flexible magnets to create artistic design onto the whiteboard boards.

It can be printed UV to make presence boards.  Widely use in conference rooms.


So which solutions is the best for my application?

We invite you to call us at 1 866 MAGNETS 8 to discuss about your project.  We will be able to give you recommendations.  Samples are available and new products will be added shortly.