Which magnets should I use on my Whiteboard?

In our previous blog : Glassboards vs Whiteboards : what is the difference? we demonstrated that a glassboard is indeed a whiteboard covered with a 6mm glass.

Not all whiteboards are magnetically receptive whiteboards (a 6mm glass on top of a painted steel sheet).  If your whiteboard is magnetic receptive a regular magnet will be attracted to the steel. It is not a magnetic whiteboard in the sense that a metal ruler will not hold onto the glass surface, since it is not a magnet.

Unlike a Glassboard there are no air gap between a magnet and the steel sheet.  So you will be able to apply any magnet that will hold on a refrigerator (flexible and permanent magnets).


So, which magnet will be useful for my whiteboard?

Here are a few solutions that you can purchase today :

1) If you are looking for Magnetic Push Pins for your whiteboard these will be the right solution for you.  They are much stronger than our regular magnetic push pins for whiteboard.  They can easily hold more than 20 sheets of letter size paper on a whiteboard surface.  We have a choice of 8 colors.

2) You will enjoy using our Magnetic Buttons for Glassboard.  Available in 13 colors they are designed to hold a minimum of 20 sheets of paper firmly in place.

3) Our Magnetic Squares are perfect for organizing documents and keeping your workspace clean.  Then powerful magnetic buttons hold a minimum of 20 sheets of paper.  Choice of 13 colors.

4) If you prefer Magnetic Triangles we have them as well.  They also hold 20 sheets and are available in a choice of 13 colors.

5) You need a tray to keep items off the board?  Our Magnetic Tray for glassboard is the perfect solution for you. 

6) Make sure your markers stay within easy reach with this Magnetic Marker Holder.  Keeps up to 12 markers. 

7) Make sure your Glassboard stays pristine with the Magnetic Eraser for Glassboard.  Comes equipped with 4 replaceable felt pads.

8) Finally, a reliable option to hold a bunch of stuff on your glassboard!  Our Magnetic Paper Clip can hold 50+ pages in the blink of an eye.


What magnet should I use if I want to create my own magnetic tray or magnetic holder or another product that I want to put on my whiteboard?

That's where our expertise and our large selection of neodymium magnets will be useful.

There are several laws of physics that need to be respected.  Please consult our team and we will provide the right info to help with your project.