Where to buy magnets?

Where to buy magnets?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  The questions where to buy magnets and where to buy rare earth magnets are asked on average on search engines about 20 times a day in Canada.

The most searched answers are (drum roll):  Home Depot magnets, Magnetic Sheets Staples, Magnetic Sheets Walmart Canada, Magnetic sheets Canadian Tire, etc.

Is this really the best way to buy your magnets?


Why the need to buy magnets at retail stores?

Not surprising to see these answers.  But why?  In an article written by Bob Niedt titled 13 Reasons to Shop at Walmart, Even if you hate Walmart (credit to www.kiplinger.com) consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch mentions this : 'Walmart sells just about everything you could ever need so planning a trip to this big box retailer could make your life easier and reduce the need to go into multiple stores'. 

We couldn't argue with this statement.  The article continues : 'Changes are happening both online and in-store.  In a effort to accelerate its e-commerce business, Walmart paid $3 billion for online retail giant Jet.com.  It also spent $16 billion buying the Indian online retail powerhouse Flipart.  In addition, it revamped its once-clunky Walmart.com website.  The efforts are paying off.  According to eMarketer, Walmart's e-commerce sales in 2019 helped catapult it past eBay to claim second place for the first time.'


Is this really the best way to buy your magnets?

We understand the reasons why people prefer to buy in big box stores or on their websites, it makes life easy.

But is it really the best option when you need to find the best solution for your needs?

Here's an example:

Bob needs a TV.  His reflex?  Go to his favorite retailer's website and see what's there.  He looks and finds a 60'' HDTV and it's on special!  Bob found his deal right?

Not so quick!  What are the reason his favorite retailer can offer a 60'' HDTV at a low price?  Because they are the lower-quality versions than those sold elsewhere.

So Bob might have found himself a deal, but not necessary what he was looking for.

The same reasoning can be held for prepaid phone plan, phone accessories, appliances, vacuums, luggage, wood furniture, gift cards, ....

The reason is that one does not become a specialist in everything.  Think about your doctor, for example.  He might be a cardiologist, a expert on the heart and blood vessels.  Even if he's a cardiologist, would you consult him for your toothache?

Another proof that one is not an expert in everything is the following: go to your favorite retailer' site and search for magnets.  Pay attention to the rating and reviews.  What do you notice?  Too often we see ratings of 3 stars or less or comments from customers who are not satisfied.  Why?  Because there is no only one product that is the solution to all customers demands.


Where to buy magnets in Canada then?

First, you need to find someone with experience with magnet.  It could be a reputable company that is well-known in the magnet industry.  It does exist, even in Canada!

Second, you need to work with a supplier that will take time to get to know you and answer any questions you have about magnets.

Third, you need someone that will listen to your need and to offer you a quality solution.  Not a one size fits all solution off the shelf.


Simple Signman: Magnet Specialists in Canada!

We are eager to get to know you more and, who knows, we may become business partners in the near future.  Take time to inquire about what we can offer you by taking the time to complete the attached form.


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