What does Magnetic Receptive mean?

What does Magnetic Receptive mean?

What is a magnetic receptive material?  What is receptive to magnetic media?  What is a magnetically receptive surface?


Magnetic Receptive

Simply put, Magnetic Receptive, can be defined as something that will stick to a magnet, just like steel or iron.

The term 'Receptive' means that magnets (flexible or rare-earth magnets) will be attracted to it.

For example, refrigerators are receptive (excepted of course of the stainless steel ones).  Steel warehouse racking is also receptive.  But both refrigerators and racking are NOT MAGNETIC. 

A magnet is both magnetic and receptive.  You may put two rare-earth magnets face to face and they will be attracted.

Often we think our whiteboards are magnetic.  They are magnetic receptive. 


Why is it important to know the difference?

Some of our flexible materials are non-magnetic.  We call this category of product : Magnetic Receptive.  Again, there are non-magnetic, and they cannot be attracted to ferrous surfaces.

But they can hold magnets and magnetic sheeting to make retails displays, menu boards, message boards, whiteboards, exhibit boards, toys, crafts, games, etc.

At the beginning of 2010, an american company put a lot of efforts to put on the market a patented product that consisted of a magnetic sheet and a 'magnetic receptive media' that could be printed to make large format in-store advertising.

Both components, the magnetic sheeting and the magnetic receptive material, are almost identical, and it is misleading.

Several companies are using this type of display in their stores.  In this imperative to understand which components you are facing and which one you need to replace.

A quick trick, if you carry a piece of steel with you, a magnetic surface (often the face of the display) will stick to your piece of steel.  If you try to do the same on the other component, your piece of steel should not stick to it.  Which means that it is a magnetic receptive media.


Magnetic Receptive Specialist

Yes, just like our large variety of magnetic sheeting, Simple Signman also carry a high quality line of magnetic receptive materials.

We keep in stock the #1 best seller magnetic receptive printable media.  If you would like to develop this product or would like to know which printer to use to help you with your projects, please contact one of our representative today.

Among our magnetic receptive solutions we have the following available :

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