Acknowledgements - Food donations 2022

Even if we live in an industrialized region we can all see the heavy impact of hunger and malnutrition on the different populations of the planet.

Living in a wealthy, industrialized country can make us lose sight of the fact that one in five Canadians skips meals to make ends meet, and that 36% of food bank recipients are children. (Source: Salvation Army).

In this regard, Décalcorama employees are proud to support organizations in the Maskoutaine region such as La Moisson Maskoutaine ( 

This organization's mission is to improve the efficiency of community organizations in food supply, by setting up and coordinating a fair system for the redistribution of food collected by La Moisson Maskoutaine.

Thanks to the generosity of food partners like Décalcorama, they received a total of 499 106 kilos of food during the last fiscal year.  The contribution of Décalcorama was a total of 480 kilos of food this year. 

Congratulations to all employees for this great initiative and your collective effort to be able to offer products in demand month after month.