Printable magnetic solutions for HP Latex printers

Printable solutions for HP Latex Printers

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about HP Latex presses :


Can I print magnetic sheeting with my HP Latex press?

The short answer is YES!  However it is important to keep in mind that the total thickness of your HP press is 0.5mm (+/-.020'').  It is then necessary to use a magnetic sheet with a maximum thickness of .020''.


What is your best solution for making magnetic vehicule signs with my HP Latex press?

Traditionally, a magnetic sign had to be .030'' thick.  However with technology we are able to offer you a .020'' magnetic sheet with magnetic properties equal or superior to the traditional .030'' thick magnetic sheet.

Here are some of the solutions : HP latex vehicule magnets.


Do you have wide format magnetic solutions for my HP Latex press?

Definitely!  It is now possible to print on magnetic solutions as thin as .008'' thick in widths of 54'' and 60''!

Here are some of the solutions available: HP Latex wide format magnetic solutions


You still have questions or need samples?

Please send us an email at and give us more details about your requirements.  One of our customer service representative will take time to call you to offer some advice.