PRESS RELEASE : Decalcorama Inc. (owner of Simple Signman) winner of the Prix Distinction-Famille

Saint-Hyacinthe, June 15th, 2022 - The MRC des Maskoutains announced the names of the winners of the 8th Edition of the Prix Distinction-Famille during a ceremony held in St-Hyacinthe on June 14th.

About sixty guests took part in this event, which aims to highlight those who contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of families established on the territory of the MRC.

Given every two years, this awards stems from the MRC's Family and Social Development Policy.

In the 'Commerce, enterprise and place of business' category, the members of the jury chose to reward Décalcorama Inc.  During the pandemic, the company decided to offer electronic devices to the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Le Grand Galop to help children who did not have a computer at home.

Touched by the mission of the pediatrics center, the company took its collaboration further.  Thanks to its generosity, a dozen children at the elementary and secondary levels now have the chance to receive personalized tutoring and, with the help of the company van, the employees offer transport to some children who could not get around on foot to attend meetings.

By assuming the financial support of the activity for the next few years, Decalcorama will concretely and sustainably improve the lives of these children and their loved ones. 


Décalcorama Inc. is the winner of the Prix Distinction/Famille in the category 'Commerce, enterprise and place of business'.  From left to right, in this photo, Ms. Louise Arpin, President of the Standing Committee on the Family, Ms. Christiane Di Lalla-Besner, Ms. Josée Dulude, daugther of the founder of Décalcorama, Mr. Claude Harpin, President of Décalcorama, Ms. Cynthia Thibault, Sales Manager, Ms. Nathalie Caya and Mr. Simon Giard, Prefect of the MRC des Maskoutains.

Source: Denyse Bégin, Agente de Communication MRC des Maskoutains, 450 774-3141, extension 3137 (