What is a neodymium pot magnet?

What is a pot magnet?

Pot magnets, also known as cup magnet or mounting magnets, are high strength neodymium magnets encased in a durable steel cup or channel for protection against chipping or cracking.

Due to the steel cover, the magnetic force is concentrated on one side in order to give the maximum pull force for the size of the magnet.

They can be supplied with a hole (countersunk, counterbored or tapped), or with a threaded stud or collar for convenient mounting.



When you compare a single neodymium magnet to a same size pot magnet you would notice the following :

  • More strength: The steel housing concentrates the magnetic force on one side and increases the pull force of the magnet up to 3 times the strength of a regular neodymium magnet.
  • Mounting options: Some pot magnets have a central hole which is designed for using a bolt or screw to attach the magnets.  Threaded magnets are designed to be used with a washer and a nut.  Can also be supplied with hooks and eyebolt, ideal for hanging a variety of items.  And the rubber coated pot magnets are very popular for outdoor use and applications where the surface may be easily damaged.
  • Durability: Since standard neodymium magnets are very brittle, a pot magnet in a steel cover will allow them to withstand continual impact onto a steel surface without the risk of the magnet to break.


    Pot magnets can be attached to non-magnetic surfaces without damaging the surface.  This type of magnet is typically used from gripping, clamping and fixing components together. 

    Often used in shipping containers, on work sites, utility trucks, delivery vans, displays, assembly lines and workbenches.

    In conclusion, neodymium pot magnets provide ultimate strength with durability with an added versability since you will be able to mount them to a non-metallic surface without breaking.

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