MULTISHIELD Galvanized Steel Composite Sheets

Multishield's strong and rigid galvanised steel sheets offer both digital and whiteboard coating options and the added benefit of being receptive to magnetic media.

Why use Multishield®?

  • Strong and durable galvanized steel
  • Available in whiteboard/digital finish
  • Magnetically receptive surface
  • Self-supporting
  • Distinct coating on either side of the panel
  • 5 Year Guarantee (for indoor installations only)

What are the components?

  • Steel skin on both sides made of a 0.25mm thick galvanized steel that provides a flat, smooth, uniform surface that is magnetically receptive
  • One side finished with a digital coating to help produce vibrant color-fast prints
  • One side finished with a whiteboard coating
  • Both surfaces are protected with a protective film designed to protect the panel during storage, transit and installation
  • The core is a high quality PE
  • Both steel skins are bonded with a co-extruded adhesive to give superior adhesion

What are the main applications for Mutishield®?

Both sides of the panel have a flat, smooth, uniform surface.  Available coatings include a digital finish to help product vibrant, color-fast prints, and a whiteboard coating, suitable for use with dry-erase markers.

Ideal for hoardings, whiteboards, printing and many other applications, the galvanized steel provides additional strength plus the versability of a magnetically receptive surface.  Multishield® panels can be fabricated, are strong, self-supporting and offer outstanding reliablity with the backing of a 5 year guarantee* for interior use.

(*Our 5 years guarantee covers for indoor installations only and the panels can not be exposed to any sort of moisture or high humidity including condensation.)

Suitable for a huge range of applications in a variety of industries including those where fabrication and/or magnetically receptive qualities are required.

  • Interior panels and decoration
  • Direct UV and Screen Printing
  • Hoardings
  • Whiteboards

Full details about Multishield®

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