Magnetic receiver : What is the best alternative?

What is the best substitute for magnetic receptive film?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what is the best alternative to the magnetic receptive films?  Or what is the best substitute for VM-Synpaper or VM-Polyeight (a component of Visual Magnetics Graphic System)?

The short answer is our Wide Format Magnetic Receptive Media.

Here is 3 reasons why:


1) Printing compatibility

This material is a high quality white PET print surface that can be printed using Solvent, UV and Latex printers.

The PET print surface has an excellent white point for easy color matching.

Works great on HP Latex series printers.

Our platinum magnetic receptive media is available in 50'', 54'' and 60'' wide.  It is suitable for UV, Latex and solvent ink

2) More options available!

Our receptive film can be matched with all magnetic visual systems already installed without problem.

Plus here is what is available in stock :


7mil thick x 50", 54" or 60" wide x 100'
12mil thick x 50", 54" or 60" wide x 100'

300' rolls available on special order.

In summary, VM Syn-paper is VM economy product.  The Poly-eight is the high end product on a polypropylene material.

Here you can get the high end product for less than the economy product!  So not only it is in stock, you'll save even more!


3) Environmentally friendly

Our magnet receptive print media is a PVC Free solution so it can be recycled in waste to energy programs!


Still not convinced?

In conclusion, we are confident our magnet receptive print media is the new platinum standard in magnet receptive print media.  It has a high quality matte white PET print surface with a great white point that allows for the highest quality print results.

It is coated on the back with a high-density ferrous coating for high magnetic permeability when paired with a base magnet.

Create beautiful wall graphics that are easy to install and easy to change. 

If you would like to test our magnet receptive print media please send us a request and we will get in touch with you.  We have sample rolls available for testing as well.



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