Magnetic car signs: 3 unique solutions to discover

Magnetic signs: 3 unique solutions to discover

Are you looking for the perfect material for a magnetic vehicle sign? Do not look any further! We have 3 unique solutions in stock for you:


1) Use a 30mil thick magnetic sheet

In order to achieve a quality magnetic sign, we recommend using a 30mil thick magnetic sheet.

In practice, a 30mil thick regular strength magnetic sheet will hold 92lb/ft2. This is sufficient to remain in place on a vehicle traveling at high speed.

Among our 30mil thick magnetic solutions you will find the following options:


Get your 30mil thick printable PVC magnetic sheeting here


This option is suitable for latex, eco-solvant, solvant and UV ink systems and are available in width starting at 24.375'' to 48'' wide x 50 feet in length.


    2) Save money by using a plain brown magnetic sheeting

    Although our matte white vinyl (PVC) are compatible with UV, latex and solvent ink systems, many do not print directly on magnetic sheets with vinyl.

    If this is the case you will save money by using the uncoated brown material (plain, no vinyl). In addition, you'll save yourself a few headaches by not doubling two layers of vinyl on top of each other.

    Here are the solutions available for delivery on the next business day:


    Purchase your 30mil thick plain brown magnetic sheeting here


    This option is available in width starting at 24.375'' to 48'' wide x 50 feet in length.


      3) Try the strongest magnetic solution available

      There are solutions stronger than the regular strength 30mil magnetic material.

      For example, our 30mil high energy magnetic sheeting has a holding force of 144lb / ft2 which is 50% stronger than regular force magnetic sheets available on the market. While our 40mil high energy comes with a holding force of 185lb / ft2, so twice as strong as other 30mil magnetic solutions.

      Stand out from your competition with one of these magnetic solutions. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised!

      Try our high energy plain brown solutions here

      Still not convinced?

      Send us your details and we will send you free samples so you can do your own tests.  Click on the link below and let us know which option you would like to try.


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      Simple and complete magnetic solutions at affordable costs.

      We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we offer the widest choice of magnetic solutions in the country. Next day delivery is available across Canada.

      Our flexible magnetic media are available in thicknesses ranging from 8mil to 60mil and in 6 different materials.

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