Lighter magnetic signs for vehicles

Lighter magnetic signs for vehicles

With shipping cost soaring you'll be happy to know that a magnetic solution exists to save on your shipping cost.

First of all, it must be understood that a magnetic sign must be at least .030'' thick otherwise they will blow away!

A .030'' thick magnetic sheet holds an average of 85 to 92 lb per square foot.  Which is sufficient to remain on a moving vehicle and to withstand bad weather.


Save with a lighter magnetic solution

This .020'' thick magnetic solution is 50% thinner than our traditional magnetic sheet.  A roll of magnetic sheet .020'' x 24.375'' x 50' weighs 45 lb vs a roll of the same dimension in .030'' thickness which weighs 66 lb.

By going with this .020'' thick solution you will save on your shipping costs!


Thinner but magnetically stronger

Even though it is thinner than a regular magnetic sign, it is still stronger than a .030'' thick magnetic solution.  The reason being that this solution is a high energy magnetic sheet.  This means that in the manufacturing process more iron particles are inserted into the magnetic compound.

In addition, these signs being thinner and more flexible, will better fit the curved shapes of vehicles.  So, less reduction in the wind and less risk of losing it!


Where can we buy this solution?

These solutions are available in two roll sizes : 24.375'' and 48'' wide.  It comes with a UV, latex and solvent printable matte white PVC.


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