Guide to select the proper cut-thru magnetic strips

Guide to select the right magnetic strips

It is easy to add the value of a magnetic strip to your imprint.  However which one to select?  Here's a quick guide to help you select the right option:

Meaning of cut-thru magnet

To understand the meaning of cut-thru magnet, you need to know that all of our cut-thru magnetic strips come with and adhesive back. 

The adhesive is a very aggressive premium outdoor acrylic adhesive.  It is perfect to adhere to most laminated surface and to chip board.

Since it is a pressure sensitive adhesive you will need to add a pressure on the entire magnet when you are applying it to your imprint.  Curage time is about 48 to 72 hours.

Now the term 'cut-thru' means that the magnetic strips is cut on the magnetic face and not on the adhesive side.  Meaning that if you pull the adhesive tab or liner, it will remain in one piece the entire length of the roll.  Thus you'll be able to take each magnet cut to the desire length.  This way you could apply them much quickly to your imprint.

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How many pieces per roll?

Our 30mil thick flexible magnetic strips come in 200 feet rolls (2400'' in length available).  And our 60mil thick magnetic strips come in 100 feet rolls (1200'')

30mil thick cut-thru magnet options (200')

 Width Length Amount of pieces Product code
1/2'' 2'' 1200 units 030A-1/2X2
1'' 1/3'' 7200 units 030A-1x1/3
1'' 1'' 2400 units 030A-1X1
1'' 2'' 1200 units 030A-1X2


60mil thick cut-thru magnet options (100')

 Width Length Amount of pieces Product code
1/2'' 1/2'' 2400 units 060A-1/2X1/2
1/2'' 1'' 1200 units 060A-1/2X1
1/2'' 2'' 600 units 060A-1/2X2
1/2'' 3'' 400 units 060A-1/2X3
1'' 1'' 1200 units 060A-1X1
1'' 2'' 600 units 060A-1X2
1'' 3'' 400 units 060A-1X3
1'' 6'' 200 units 060A-1X6


Other alternatives

If you cannot find the size you need, please contact our sales representative and we will quote accordingly.

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We have rolls of magnetic strips with or without adhesive depending on your application. 

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