Giving for a good cause

During the confinement, our employees were able to purchase protective items from our range of products.  We were happy to donate the proceeds to a local charity: La Clé sur la Porte.

To meet the needs of the organization in terms of sanitary measures, the money raised was used to buy them a sanitizing machine.  This equipment allows them to offer children a welcoming and safe playroom and thus offer them a semblance of normalcy.

La Clé sur la Porte is an organization that supports and shelters women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.  At the shelter, workers are available to listen to, inform and support these women in their decisions.  The home is a safe haven that allows them to take stock of their situation and share with other woman in an atmosphere of trust, respect and mutual aid.

The whole Decalcorama team is very proud of their contribution towards this organization which fulfills an oh! so important mission.