Fishing magnets : Tips & tricks

Tips and tricks for first timer

You just unpacked your brand new fishing magnet and you're just as anxious to go out and try it for the first time?  Well, don't repeat the same mistakes that I did.

If you don't want to come home empty handed (because you had to leave your magnet in the water) please follow carefully these steps:


1) Secure your magnet

While most of our fishing magnets are sold with a sturdy rope, you might want to use a longer rope if you are standing on a tall bridge or overpass.

If it is the case, please make sure to attach the rope directly to the magnet by tying a knot through the eyebolt.

Considered to be a reliable and trustworthy knot by fishing hobbyist, the Palomar Knot is also your best choice to fish with your magnet.

If you want to avoid knots, use one of our looped and sewn-end ropes with included a heavy-duty carabiner!


2) Secure your rope

A strong rope attached to your magnet won't be useful if you throw your line without securing it.  You will then lose the rope... and the magnet!

Make sure to always tie the free end of your line to a post, a railing or other secure object before launching your magnet. 

And please under no circumstances, DO NOT TIE THE ROPE TO YOU!


3) Find a secure location

Try to locate a place that is accessible (without causing you injuries) that has a lot of foot traffic near a body of water.

For example, we live on an island surrounded by a river and a canal.  We aim for locations such as :

  • Docks
  • Boat launches
  • Public parks with lakes
  • Marinas
  • Boat slips
  • Fishing piers
  • Under bridges, overpasses
  • Wells

Be careful if you are above a bridge or an overpass.  The local authorities don't always allow magnet hunter to be on public roads.

Also, always get permission before entering private property.


4) Bring the proper equipment

With your magnet and your rope you should consider to bring with you the following:

  • A bucket (to carry your finds)
  • A brush
  • A good pair of gloves (when pulling the rope or handling sharp and rusted metal)
  • Small polybags for smaller items (hooks, nails, coins)
  • You may invest in a grappling hook (for heavy objects)
  • Insect repellent, sunglasses, hats, sunblock
  • Watershoes or gumboots
  • Don't forget to drink water!

      Have fun!

      Magnet fishing is about fun and about the adventure! Take the kids with you and spend some time outside.

      You never know what you could find.  Walk along a river, a pond or a lake and stop at some location to launch your line in the water.  Maybe you will find some treasures!

      Get yours today!

      Share with us your magnet fishing experiences or other tips and tricks that would be valuable to others.


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