Automated Shipping : What is it and what it means for you?

Automated Shipping : What is it and what it means for you?

Automation is everywhere.  Automation simplifies tasks so we have less work to do or spend less time to be more effective.

As an ecommerce business grows, automating certain processes helps companies meet the growing needs of their customers.


What is automated shipping?

The purpose of automated shipping is to automatically get orders that needs to be fullfilled in queue and eliminate some of the manual tasks involved. 

In the world of fullfillment, speed will get you in the lead and Simple Signman is pleased to announce that starting March 1st 2023 we implemented these changes.


What does it mean for you?

Automated shipping means faster turnaround for your orders to be shipped.  It also mean being more efficient, which reduces the risks of human errors or mistakes, while getting it ready or while entering a manual waybill, for example.

In order for us to achieve our goals, we will need your help.  When entering your order online, please be as precise as possible when entering your shipping address and to not forget to enter suite number or phone number .

Also, our shipping platform restricts the amount of courrier we can use.  On our ecommerce platform you have two options to select : UPS standard or FedEx Overnight. 

We understand that a larger order would be cheaper to ship on a skid or via LTL (less than truck load).  Please contact us before finalizing your order and we will add the option to ship via Day & Ross.

Please note that we no longer accept pick up at our facilicy since it is slowing down the process and increase the possibility to make a mistake. 

Same applies to third party companies pick up or to ship an order with shipping companies that are not integrated to our shipping system.


In Conclusion

Simple Signman is growing and evolving.  And changes take time to be implemented.  We count on you to help us implement this new automated shipping systems.  On the long run you will be benefit from quicker turnaround, improved system with less mistakes while helping us keeping our cost of operation low.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss more about it, please contact us by phone 1 866 MAGNET 8.