6 reasons to choose Simple Signman as your permanent magnet supplier

In the preceeding blog we highlighted the main criteria to consider when choosing a quality permanent magnet supplier.

How does Simple Signman stand out as a permanent magnet supplier?  Here are 6 criteria to consider:


1. We are an experienced supplier in the magnet industry

Being in business since 1969, we have seen various developments in the field of magnets. From flexible magnets to ceramic magnets to neodymium magnets, we have been able to contribute to the sustainable development of our business partners by keeping in step with new developments in the field.

Working with leading manufacturers allows us to stay abreast of new technologies and new market trends. Plus, we don't just sell magnets, we work with our partners to develop their products and help them bring them to market. We are proud to have worked closely with clients who started with a basic idea and then with our expertise, established themselves as leaders in their respective markets.


2. Simple Signman: a reliable supplier

The manufacturing process of a permanent magnet is complex and it is important to understand that process as well as the limits of certain magnets.

To achieve this, Simple Signman invests a large amount of time with its suppliers to ensure we understand the latest trends and to be able to offer our customers permanent magnets that are manufactured with the latest, cutting edge technology.


3. A supplier who doesn't just offer the lower price

We take pride in providing our customers with quality permanent magnets at an affordable price. To do this, we work with suppliers who are rigorous in their production and offer quality products. We take the time to verify their manufacturing process and carry out practical checks on the quality of the products offered.

We see ourselves as an extension of your business and we owe it to ourselves to offer you magnetic solutions that will enhance your products.

In addition, we do not hesitate to call on the ingenuity of our industry partners in order to offer you solutions adapted to your needs. This added value enhances our offer to our customers.


4. Thousands of satisfied customers

For several decades we have worked together with our clients to build strong and lasting relationships. Some have been our regular customers since our early years and continue to do business with us for the service we provide them. 

It is important for us to be able to establish what the needs of our customers are and we invite you to call and speak with one of the members of our team about your upcoming projects. They will take the time to get to know you and answer any questions you have about permanent magnets. 

In addition, after you have received your order, a member of our team will take the time to follow up with you to ensure that we have met your business needs.


5. Simple Signman's values

We have a sales team who take the time to meet face-to-face with customers who wish to improve their knowledge of magnetic materials. We understand that the field of permanent magnets is not as simple as one would like to make it appear. 

The knowledge that our team can share will help us to forge a close relationship and will help guide you in choosing solutions for your customers. 

Simple Signman will feel like an extension of your business.


6. Simple Signman's reputation

Simple Signman is well known to both customers and competition as a leader in the distribution of permanent magnets in Canada. So we’re doing a good job!


In conclusion

We are eager to get to know you more and, who knows, we may become business partners in the near future.  Take the time to inquire about what we can offer you by taking the time to complete the attached form.