6 factors to consider when choosing a permanent magnet supplier

6 facets of a good permanent magnet supplier


Are you looking for a top-notch supplier who understands your needs and is quick to respond to your requests?  With the rise of so-called specialists flooding e-commerce platforms, how do you sift through the offers to find the right fit?

Here are 6 factors to consider to help you in your choice of permanent magnet supplier:


1.  A supplier with experience in the field of magnetic materials

Even though permanent magnets are a relatively new product, it is important to work with a supplier with experience who can help guide you through the different types of magnets on the market.

An experienced supplier will be on the lookout for market trends and can offer you quality products tailored to your business needs.  He will not be content with simply offering you an off-the-shelf product, but will also offer you the possibility of producing a product tailor-made to your specifications.  You will benefit from excellent after-sales service as well as reliable technical support throughout the purchasing process.


2.  A reliable supplier

In such a specialized field as that of permanent magnets, it is important to work with a reliable supplier. A company that bases its offer on low prices alone will not have the resources to meet your needs if a problem arises.

Low price often means lower quality magnet. Some websites claim to sell magnets for less, but these are often remnants from large permanent magnet manufacturers.

Take the time to get specifics on your permanent magnet supplier's offer before you make a costly mistake.


 3. A supplier who offers value for money

It is human nature to seek a bargain. But how much are we willing to sacrifice quality over price? What advantage is there in purchasing permanent magnets that have production defects or that will break at the slightest touch because the workmanship was inferior?

Choose to do business with a permanent magnet supplier who is able to provide you with the appropriate certifications and third-party quality verification of their products. If your supplier is reluctant to provide you with this information, it is often because there is something wrong with it.


4. The customer experience

There is nothing that characterizes a business better than the customer experience. How many times has the lack of service turned the off a potential buyer because the seller was trying to sell a product instead of focusing on their needs and offering a suitable solution?

We should not rely on beautiful images of transactional websites to determine whether they will be able to meet the needs of our business.

If you are not able to quickly reach an expert to have your questions answered, continue your search. Find a supplier that will be as happy to answer your call and offer you appropriate advice as they are to process your order.

Also, your supplier should take the time to follow up with you after having received the merchandise.  This shows their desire to have your customer experience live up to your expectations.


5. Company values

An effective partner will take the time to promote your interests by actively participating in increasing the sales of their partners and customers. He will be keen to use his expertise to benefit his client so that they themselves can stand out from their competition.

He will know how to distinguish himself from his competitors by putting the values ​​of his company front and center, knowing that his client will appreciate this added value.


6. The company's reputation

You want to do business with a quality company because at the end of the day your products and branding will be closely linked to the products you purchase from that company.

Make sure the company you choose to partner with has received positive feedback and appreciation from the companies they serve and their business partners.

This will have an impact as much in the creation and design as in the development of your projects.


In conclusion

In conclusion, choosing a quality magnet supplier is no small task. Taking the time to consider the various traits of a company that will meet the needs of your business will not only save you time and money, but also be able to design quality products yourself. that will be tailored to the needs of your customers.