New lower prices on our magnetic receptive wall mounting solutions

Our magnetic receptive wall mounting solutions at new lower prices.


We are pleased to announce a few improvements to our wall mounting solutions.

First of all, we would like to introduce a new magnetic receptive sheet with a printable white matte vinyl (PET).  This solution is UV, latex and solvent/Eco-solvent compatible.

We have added a new thickness: 0.012”.  We will keep it and our 0.010” in stock.

These two thicknesses will be available in rolls of 50”, 54” and 60” wide by 100 feet long (with the possibility of having rolls 300 feet long).

Here are the direct links to our website:

This new solution is now being added to our current list of receptive magnetic sheeting.  They are as follow:


What is a wall mounting solution?


Simple Signman’s magnetic system is composed of high quality printable magnetic receptive sheeting and a flexible magnetic base.

Both are available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and laminates.  It can be used to create changeable graphics and signage for retail environments, promotions, POP, trade show displays and museum exhibits.

This magnetic system can be installed quickly, removed, exchanged, re-installed and can be stacked up to 4 layers thick to create a message that can be added to.


Why should you use our magnetic systems?


First, it is compatible with any existing magnetic supports already installed (in sheets or painted) whatever the brand or provenance.  In fact, we are simply talking about a receptive magnetic sheeting applied onto a magnetic sheeting, nothing too revolutionary!

Secondly, you will save by buying from us.  No intermediary, no brand name, nor additional fees.

If you are not yet convinced, request our sample kit.  It will be our pleasure to send it to your attention free of charge.  Like most of our clients, you will appreciate the savings and the quality service provided by our customer service team.


Simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


We would like to remind you that we offer the largest magnetic material inventory available for next day delivery anywhere in Canada at affordable cost.  We understand the need for quick turnaround.

Our flexible magnetic sheeting is available 0.015” à  0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white matte vinyl, with white gloss vinyl,with adhesive face and now black matte vinyl.  Our rolls are as wide as 24”, 30”, 40” 48” and now 60”!

If you have magnetic requirements, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide solutions for you.

Simple Signman is proud to offer simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!

Simple Signman