Who are we?

Décalcorama Inc. is a family owned and 100% Canadian company located in St-Hyacinthe. Founded in 1969, Simple Signman was designed to meet growing customer demand in magnetic materials. We are now recognized as the main source for all magnetic materials in the country.

Among our many magnetic materials you will find sheets and flexible magnetic strips, permanent rare earth magnets (Neodymium, Samarium, AlNiCo, Ferrite (Ceramic)), and a variety of magnetic accessories designed for the printing industry, the manufacturing industry, automation, etc.

Our sales team has the knowledge required to offer their expertise in the field of magnetic products. We will be pleased to offer you practical solutions and appropriate advice about our products. Please fell free to contact us if there are products you use but cannot find on our site; we will be happy to assist you.

Our website is easy to use and prices quoted are your net cost before tax and shipping. In order to obtain the best price, please consider grouping your items in one order.

As we understand the need for you to produce projects quickly, we strive to maintain an inventory which enables us to ship your orders within 24 hours of the receipt of your order.

We believe in our company, in our abilities and we are convinced we can make a difference by offering quality products, fast and reliable service and, in most cases, a next day delivery.

As we ship daily, we are pleased to offer you competitive transportation costs across the country. Wherever you are throughout the country, your company will benefit if you buy from Simple Signman.

We are also suppliers member of the AQIE and SAC Associations.

Simple Signman