Can I print magnets on a HP Latex printer?

Yes definitely! Flexible magnetic sheeting can be printed successfully on a HP Latex printer*.

We offer a wide variety of magnetic solutions that are compatible with Latex printers.  Our printable white matte vinyl magnetic sheeting is Latex compatible.  On a latex printer you may run magnetic sheeting from 0.008’’ to 0.020’’ thick.  Our rolls are as wide as 24.375’’, 30’’, 40’’, 48’’ & 60’’ wide.

Please note that 0.020’’ thick is the threshold thickness for printing on magnetic sheeting on HP Latex printers.

Here is the list of magnetic solutions available in standard energy magnetic sheeting for a HP Latex printer.

Since 0.030’’ thick magnetic materials are outside of the HP Latex printer specifications, we suggest to print on a high energy 0.020’’ thick magnetic material for a car magnet.  It will be thinner, but stronger than a .030’’ thick regular strength magnetic sheeting.

Here are a few options for vehicle magnets:

Another option you might consider for fridge magnets (not suitable for vehicle magnets) since it has PET white matte (greater heat resistance) is our widest and thinnest magnetic sheeting:


Key notes to keep in mind when printing on magnetic material with HP Latex printer:


  • Use 0.020’’ or less.
  • Use High energy 0.020’’ instead of 0.030’’ for vehicle magnets
  • All of our magnetic sheeting has a uv coating on the back to serve as an anti-slip
  • Use the banner output to help print successfully on magnetics
  • Remember, the thicker the banner gets, the less temperature sensitive it will be
  • Use the take-up-reel (TUR)
  • Print slowly
  • Use low heat
  • Use high saturation of ink
  • Fully cure for best scratch resistance.

Final note: Although not required, if using a magnetic sheeting outdoors, we suggest laminating to extend the life of the print.


What if I prefer not to take the risk to print with my printer on magnetic sheeting?


We understand that it might be easier to print on your preferred vinyl and then mount it on our plain brown magnetic sheeting.  Please feel free to visit our website for a complete list of flexible magnetic sheeting options.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain samples of our magnetic sheeting please feel free to call us or send us an email.

We would like to take a minute to offer special thanks to Timothy Mitchell, Latex Application Specialist at HP Printer Support.  You might find informative to watch this YouTube Video: Media Part 3 : Magnetics


Simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


We would like to remind you that we offer the largest magnetic material inventory available for next day delivery anywhere in Canada at affordable cost.  We understand the need for quick turnaround.

Our flexible magnetic sheeting is available from 0.015” to 0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white matte vinyl, with white gloss vinyl, with adhesive face and now black matte vinyl.  Our rolls are as wide as 24”, 30”, 40” 48” and now 60”!  We offer regular or high energy strength.

If you have magnetic requirements, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide solutions for you.

Simple Signman is proud to offer simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


*Special thanks to Timothy Mitchell, Latex Application Specialist at HP Printer Support.

Please refer to YouTube video Media Part 3: Magnetics HP Latex HP

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