New options for our printable magnetic receptive sheets (Premium version and glossy version)

We are pleased to offer you a new line of large format printable receptive magnetic materials. You will be delighted with the benefits of this new Premium line.


1) Premium white matte version (FF007M) .007 ” thick


This option is now the thinnest available on the market with a total thickness of only 0.007 ”!

Its matte white vinyl (PET) is printable large format (50”, 54” and 60” width x 100 linear feet) with UV, Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent ink systems making it the option the most versatile and the most economical magnetic receptive materials.


2) Matte White Premium Version (FF012M) 0.012” thick


Like the 0.007 ” option, this Premium solution is printable large format (50”, 54” and 60” x 100′) with UV, Latex, Solvent and Eco-solvent ink systems. the most versatile solution on the market.

The main difference is that this solution is 0.012″ thick and its matte white vinyl (PET) is 0.008″ thick.  This means that the whiteness of this material is even brighter than any other available solution and gives a more rigid material, thus easier for printing and cutting.

The .008 ” thick vinyl is a clear improvement over the .006 ” vinyl that is commonly available from other distributors.

This Premium solution is definitely one of the best option available on the market at very competitive cost.


3) Gloss White Premium Version (FF012G) .012 ” thick


Finally, a first version with printable white GLOSS vinyl (PET)!  This solution is compatible with UV ink systems for the moment.

This version has the same advantages as the premium white matte version of 0.012″ thick.  So, white is brighter as the vinyl is 0.008″ thick, which also makes it easier to print and cut.

This premium glossy white version is one of the only glossy white vinyl solutions on the market and we are happy to offer it at an affordable price.


Why a new line of premium magnetic receptive sheets?


Because this is the type of expertise we want to offer our clients. We stand out by presenting you with the solutions you need.

This new line of magnetic receptive materials is innovative because the manufacturing process of these 3 solutions is very different from the majority of the solutions on the market since it is not a calendered manufacturing process but rather an improved coating process. This coating process provides a material of much better quality, so more rigid and easier to print and cut.

We are confident that these three new solutions will revolutionize the magnetic receptive materials market.

In addition, if you need larger or longer rolls, we are able to offer them on special orders.


Simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


We offer the largest magnetic material inventory available for next day delivery anywhere in Canada at affordable cost.  We understand the need for quick turnaround.

Our flexible magnetic sheeting is now available from 0.008” to  0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white matte vinyl, with white gloss vinyl, with adhesive face and now black matte vinyl.  Our rolls are as wide as 24”, 30”, 40” 48” and now 60”!

We offer regular and high energy flexible magnetic sheeting.

If you have magnetic requirements, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide solutions for you.

Simple Signman is proud to offer simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!

Simple Signman