Certified unmagnetized sheets for HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress and Xerox iGen

Do you work with an HP Indigo, a Kodak NexPress or a Xerox iGen, 700, 800, 1000 and Versant?  You’ll be pleased to know more about our Certified Standard Energy Unmagnetized sheets.


What is a Certified Standard Energy Unmagnetized sheet?


Certified means that these sheets have been thoroughly tested and approved by the press manufacturers for use on their machines.

Standard Energy refers to the magnetic strength of the sheets once magnetized.  For example, a 16pt unmagnetized sheet once magnetized (unlike a 17pt Magnetic paper) would have the same magnetic strength as a traditional .015’’ flexible magnetic sheet (like a common fridge magnet).

Unmagnetized These sheets must be magnetized after printing (requires magnetizer).


Which solution is suitable for my press?


HP Indigo


Kodak NexPress


Xerox iGen, 700, 800, 1000 and Versant


Other digital printing systems

Contact your Sales Representative for substrate and printer compatibility for specific machines.


How does a magnetizer works?


Two solutions are available :

  1. Hand held magnetizer: For use with any size sheet up to 0.030’’ thick.  Simply roll the magnetized roller over the sheet (a slow and steady pace) and your sheet will be magnetized (16 poles per inch). https://simplesignman.ca/en/hand-held-magnetizer/
  2. Industrial desktop: Choices up to 13’’, 19’’ and 26’’ wide by .060’’ thick.  This is a motorized unit that runs up to 150 feet per minute.  Machines available up to 13’’, 19’’ and 26’’ wide by .060’’ thick.  Contact your Sales Representative for more details about cost and availability.


Why should I consider the certified unmagnetized sheets?


We work hard to provide magnetic solutions for your needs.  These unmagnetized sheets have been certified or qualified by press manufacturers and provide an excellent solution for your printing needs.

Suggested applications: Coupons, direct mail, event calendars, business cards, sports schedules, promotions, reminders and take-out menus.

If you would like to try one of the above solutions please feel free to request samples.  If you are not sure if it runs on your equipment please contact the manufacturer or advise us of your equipment type, model and series number and we will be happy to verify.

Due to the heavier GSM weight and other properties when compared to paper, some digital printers and copiers may not be able to feed magnetic stock. It is recommended that a sample trial run is made before ordering the product for digital printers and copiers.

Other solutions, magnetized and un-magnetized, will be presented in the up and coming weeks.  These magnetic solutions have been offered for the past decades and many of our customers are pleased with the end results of these certified standard energy unmagnetized sheets.


Simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


We would like to remind you that we offer the largest magnetic material inventory available for next day delivery anywhere in Canada at affordable cost.  We understand the need for quick turnaround.

Our flexible magnetic sheeting is available 0.015” à  0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white matte vinyl, with white gloss vinyl,with adhesive face and now black matte vinyl.  Our rolls are as wide as 24”, 30”, 40” 48” and now 60”!

If you have magnetic requirements, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide solutions for you.

Simple Signman is proud to offer simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!

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