Do you have a catalog with price list?

We currently do not have a printed catalogue. If you don’t find the magnet you are looking for please contact our sales team.

How do you calculate the pull force of your magnets?

The pull force of a magnet is determined by the amount of force that would be required to break the magnet free if it was attached to a steel plate. Calculation of the pull force requires the assumption that the steel plate is flat and that the force used to pull the magnet would be applied perpendicular to the surface of the plate.

Will a magnet with a 20lb pull force lift a 20lb object?

Not necessarily. When lifting an object with a magnet many factors can affect the ability of the magnet to lift a given weight. These factors include : surface finish of magnet and object, flatness of magnet and object, coating on either surface and acceleration of lifting motion.

Are neodymium magnets and rare earth magnets the same thing?

Neodymium magnets are a member of the rare earth magnet family. They are called rare earth because neodymium is a member of the rare earth elements on the periodic table.

Do neodymium magnets lose their strength over time?

If you don’t overheat or damage your magnets they will lose less than 1% of their strength over a 10 year period. They will not lose their magnetic properties if they are held in repelling or attracting positions over long period of time.

Can I cut, drill or machine magnets?

Yes, but only our flexible magnets. They can be cut, die-cut, slitted, perforated and drilled through. All other magnets are brittle and very hard to machine.

What does the N35 stands for?

This is the maximum strength the magnet can be magnetized to. The higher the number and the stronger they will be. Also the stronger they are the more brittle they will be.

Which magnets do I use for a booklet, a binder or a brochure?

Your best option would be our permanent magnetic disks with adhesive back such as D008A01S, D008A01N, D008A02S, D008A02N, D008A04S & D008A04N.

We can also supply matched-pole flexible magnetic sets to the size you need for larger binders.

What is the gauss rating of your magnets?

The Gauss rating found with the description of our magnets can be measured with a Gaussmeter. It represents the magnetic field density at the surface of the magnet.

What is the minimum purchase order?

We usually require a $50 purchase. We do not sell less than minimum quantity.

What is the coating on your neodymium magnets?

Because of the iron in the neodymium magnet composition we need to plate our magnets. Otherwise it will oxidize if exposed to moisture. Most of our magnets have a Nickel-Copper-Nickel plating.

What type of magnet is the strongest?

Neodymium (Neodymium – Iron – Boron) are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

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