Your magnetic signs are not strong enough?

Did you know that in 1969 Simple Signman was offering magnetic signs out of injection molded plastic with a magnetic strip on the back?  Do you remember these signs? If you still have some send us your pictures and we will post them on our social networks.

A magnetic sign that is not strong enough can be a source of frustration.  Vehicles are not made like they were back in 1969.  Just think about the aluminum made Ford F150 for example.  No way a magnetic sign will hold against a door, right?

What can we do if our customer wants a stronger magnetic sign?  Here are a few magnetic options available:

Option #1 – High energy flexible magnetic sheeting 0.030’’ thick with printable white matte vinyl (HE030WM/24)

A magnetic sign should always be at least 0.030’’ thick.  A regular 0.030’’ white matte vinyl (030WM/24-V) will hold on average 92 lb/sqft.   Going with the high energy version of this white matte vinyl you will achieve the same quality of print but will have more holding power.  In fact, a high energy 0.030’’ thick magnetic sheeting will hold on average 144 lb/sqft, that’s more than 50% more than the pull strength of the regular 0.030’’ thick magnetic sheeting.

Option #2 – Double-sided plain brown high energy flexible magnetic sheeting 0.030’’ thick (HE030PB/100MP or HE030PB/40MP)

Once again, you will be going with extra holding power because it is a 0.030’’ high energy.  The advantages of this solutions are:

Plain brown: Many printers are still printing on their own vinyl and then mounting their imprint onto the magnetic sheeting.  Instead of applying your imprint onto a white matte vinyl magnetic sheet, we recommend that you apply it on a plain brown magnetic sheeting.  It will save time, energy and money.  Time and energy since it will be easier to cut (less stiff since only one layer of vinyl) and money since you will not pay for an extra layer of vinyl.

Double-sided: Yes, it is magnetized on both sides!  This means that you can apply your vinyl on both sides.  For example, your customer has a yard mowing company in the summer and a snow removal company in the winter.  He could have both on the same sign, one on each side!

This option is now available in 24.3/8’’ wide and 40’’ wide!

Option #3 – Double-sided plain brown high energy flexible magnetic sheeting 0.040’’ thick (HE040PB/100MP)

You got it!  You need more power than high energy 0.030’’ magnetic sheeting, this 0.040’’ will hold on average 185 lb/sqft!

Gives you the same advantages as the option #2 with twice as much holding power than a regular 0.030’’ magnetic sheeting!


What if you are satisfied with your existing solution?


Did you know that our 0.030’’ white matte vinyl magnetic sheeting is suitable to be printed with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex ink?

We now offer this material in 24.375’’, 30’’, 40’’, 48’’ and soon 60’’ wide.

Also, if you are still applying your vinyl onto a white matte vinyl magnetic sheet please consider using a plain brown magnetic sheet.  The opacity of the vinyls nowadays are enough to cover the dark colour of the magnetic sheeting.  Give it a try, you’ll be saving even more!

Here are a few options available in the 0.030’’ Plain brown:


Simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!


We would like to remind you that we offer the largest magnetic material inventory available for next day delivery anywhere in Canada at affordable cost.  We understand the need for quick turnaround.

Our flexible magnetic sheeting is available from 0.015” to 0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white matte vinyl, with white gloss vinyl, with adhesive face and now black matte vinyl.  Our rolls are as wide as 24”, 30”, 40” 48” and now 60”!  We offer regular or high energy strength.

If you have magnetic requirements, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide solutions for you.

Simple Signman is proud to offer simple and comprehensive magnetic solutions at affordable cost!

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