Le Grand Rendez-vous des Enseignistes et Imprimeurs du Québec

Pour la première fois au Québec le Grand Rendez-vous des enseignistes et imprimeurs du Québec rassemblera tous les membres de l’imprimerie, de l’emballage et de l’enseigne sous un même toit. L’évènement se tiendra le 15 et 16 avril prochain à la: Place Sports Experts 4855 rue Louis-B-Mayer Laval QC. H7P 6C8 Très facile d’accès en […]

Polyester magnétisé: Nouvelle solution magnétique pour grand format

Polyester magnétisé: nouveauté dans le domaine du grand format   Le polyester magnétisé n’est pas seulement une feuille magnétique de grand format (disponible en rouleau de 54” et 60” largeur), c’est une révolution pour l’entreprise des feuilles magnétiques flexibles.  Différent tant par son procédé de fabrication (procédé d’extrusion au lieu de lamination) que de son […]

Aimants de céramique vs Néodyme: Quelles sont les différences?

Les aimants de néodyme (néodymium) sont de plus en plus en demande dans les domaines industriels et récréatifs.  Même très petits ils sont capables de soutenir plusieurs fois leur propre poids.  Les utilisations les plus courantes sont les moteurs, équipements, jouets etc.   Quelles sont les différences entre les aimants de céramique et les aimants de […]

Polyester métallisé: Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Avez-vous déjà entendu le terme polyester métallisé?  Un polyester métallisé est en fait une feuille réceptrice magnétique.  Le polyester métallisé n’a pas de propriétés magnétiques mais est en mesure de recevoir un aimant.  D’où vient le terme utilisé dans l’industrie : feuille réceptrice magnétique.  C’est un support imprimable grand format (disponible en largeur de 50”, […]

Feuilles magnétiques ou feuilles magnétiques flexibles en rouleau?

Feuilles magnétiques flexibles   Les feuilles magnétiques flexibles sont des matériaux caoutchouteux avec des lignes de haute intensité de polarité magnétique parallèles à l’arrête de la feuille.  Pour faire simple, imaginez une feuille lignée 8.5” x 11”.  Chaque ligne représente une pôle magnétique dans la longueur du 8.5” de la feuille.  Dans le cas d’une feuille magnétique […]

Adhésif PSA: qu’est-ce que c’est?

Sur notre site web vous retrouverez dans les aimants flexibles le terme adhésif PSA.  Qu’est-ce que ça signifie?  C’est un jargon utilisé dans l’industrie pour définir le type d’adhésif appliqué sur nos feuilles et rubans magnétiques flexibles. Selon Wikipedia (voir le lien pour définition complète, en anglais seulement) un adhésif PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) désigne un adhésif […]

Sign Expo Canada 2018: Why should you attend?

Sign Expo Canada is the Sign Association of Canada’s National Trade show that attracts delegates from all over the world to see all of the latest and greatest the Canadian sign industry has to offer. Attending Sign Expo Canada provides you with the right opportunity to educate, connect and be part of our ever expanding […]

Promotions on our matched-pole A & B flexible magnetic tapes

The exhibition season is upon us and we would like to share with you the following promotion: High energy matched-pole A & B flexible magnetic tapes available at the price of regular strength tapes.   What does this mean to you?  You will benefit from a superior product at a lower price. Our high energy […]

New options for our printable magnetic receptive sheets (Premium version and glossy version)

We are pleased to offer you a new line of large format printable receptive magnetic materials. You will be delighted with the benefits of this new Premium line.   1) Premium white matte version (FF007M) .007 ” thick   This option is now the thinnest available on the market with a total thickness of only […]

Add the value of magnets to your prints!

With the help of our cut-thru magnetic tapes you can easily add value to your prints.   Being currently in the calendar season for the next year it is easy to add a magnet to the back of your cartons. This addition is not a big investment and adds value to your impressions. Whether it’s […]

Invitation to attend the Quebec Industrial Show

The Quebec Industrial Show (SIQ) is the place to see the latest products and technologies, find tools to improve productivity and discover new solutions for your business. It is an unmissable industrial meeting that brings together in the same place for three days only companies that are experts in their field. The SIQ is a […]

Neodymium U-Channel Magnets (New products for SEC18)

Right on-time for Sign Expo Canada 2018.  Discover our new neodymium U-Channel Magnets.  Just like our round pot magnets you will now have access to a greater variety of strong permanent magnets. What’s a neodymium U-Channel magnet?   Pot magnets are designed for clamping directly onto a steel surface.  They are made from a large […]

More magnetic receptive solutions available!

What is a magnetic receptive material?     A magnetic receptive material is not a magnet but has the capabilities to receive a permanent magnet and flexible magnetic sheeting. It is a combination of two products: A magnetic receptive material & a magnetic sheeting (or permanent magnet).  Since the magnetic receptive material is flexible and doesn’t […]

NEW! Printable retail counter pad material with magnetic receptive capability

Our new printable retail counter pad material with magnetic receptive capability.  It holds in place with micro-suction technology while providing a shock absorbing inter liner that cushions objects that are placed on the pad. The top surface is a printable high quality PET substrate that withstands heat and abrasion.  The back of the pad has […]

Flexible magnetic sheeting PULL STRENGTH TABLE

Regular or high energy magnetic strength: the answer to all of your questions   We work hard to provide high quality magnetic solutions at affordable cost and this pull strength table will help you save even more. Our flexible magnetic sheeting is available from 0.012” to 0.060” thick in 5 different materials: Plain brown (on both sides), with white […]

Can I print magnets on a HP Latex printer?

Yes definitely! Flexible magnetic sheeting can be printed successfully on a HP Latex printer*. We offer a wide variety of magnetic solutions that are compatible with Latex printers.  Our printable white matte vinyl magnetic sheeting is Latex compatible.  On a latex printer you may run magnetic sheeting from 0.008’’ to 0.020’’ thick.  Our rolls are as […]

World’s thinnest and widest printable magnetic sheeting

At the beginning of the year, we were the first one to introduce the widest magnetic material available in North America.  Since then, it has become one of our best sellers for wide format printers. Today we are pleased to present the World’s widest and thinnest printable magnetic sheeting: 0.008” thick high energy flexible magnetic […]

Your magnetic signs are not strong enough?

Did you know that in 1969 Simple Signman was offering magnetic signs out of injection molded plastic with a magnetic strip on the back?  Do you remember these signs? If you still have some send us your pictures and we will post them on our social networks. A magnetic sign that is not strong enough […]

Sign Expo Canada 2018: Why should you attend?

Sign Expo Canada is the Sign Association of Canada’s National Trade show that attracts delegates from all over the world to see all of the latest and greatest the Canadian sign industry has to offer.  Attending Sign Expo Canada provides you with the right opportunity to educate, connect and be part of our ever expanding Canada audience. Since […]

Certified unmagnetized sheets for HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress and Xerox iGen

Do you work with an HP Indigo, a Kodak NexPress or a Xerox iGen, 700, 800, 1000 and Versant?  You’ll be pleased to know more about our Certified Standard Energy Unmagnetized sheets.   What is a Certified Standard Energy Unmagnetized sheet?   Certified means that these sheets have been thoroughly tested and approved by the […]

New lower prices on our magnetic receptive wall mounting solutions

Our magnetic receptive wall mounting solutions at new lower prices.   We are pleased to announce a few improvements to our wall mounting solutions. First of all, we would like to introduce a new magnetic receptive sheet with a printable white matte vinyl (PET).  This solution is UV, latex and solvent/Eco-solvent compatible. We have added […]

BLACK matte magnetic vinyl now available!

  Black matte magnetic vinyl now available!   We are happy to introduce to our customers an option with BLACK matte magnetic vinyl. This black matte magnetic vinyl is now available on our 50 foot linear rolls in the following widths: 24.375 ” and 40 ”. For now it is only available in 0.030 ” […]

Quebec Visual Graphics and Sign Show 2018

Quebec Visual Graphics and Sign Show 2018   Is presented by Association Québécoise de l’Industrie de l’Enseigne (AQIE). The event will be held at Place Forzani (very well located and with free parking): Place Forzani 4855 rue Louis-B-Mayer Laval (Québec)  H7P 6C8 Easy access by car: Exit 10 highway 15 Exit 19 highway 13 Hours :  Friday May 11th 9h00 – 17h00  […]

White gloss? White matte? No problem!

New lower prices on our white gloss vinyl!     After releasing the widest flexible magnetic sheeting in Canada last week (with our 60” wide white matte vinyl flexible magnetic sheet, we are proud to offer the 24” wide material in white gloss at new lower prices.  Starting today the flexible magnetic sheeting with white GLOSS […]


We are proud to present our widest flexible magnetic sheeting now available in 60” wide!  Never seen before in Canada!     This magnetic material is currently offered with white matte vinyle suitable for UV, latex, solvant and ecosolvant wide format printers.   Also very easy to cut, die-cut and knife-cut. This quality flexible magnetic […]
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